I have a passion for designing quality clothing.

My mother, Lita, was a beautiful person who was always dressed in the latest fashions with impeccable good taste.  She loved color and style.  I look at all our family photos and see her always well dressed and elegantly put together.  Her look was not frilly, but rather stylish.  She had a special talent for finding fashionable, comfortable clothes that she travelled in with ease while looking fabulous.

Growing up with a beautiful, style-conscious mother and four sisters was an effortless way for me to develop my very own sense of style.  I just took it one step further and started designing and sewing my own clothes when I was 10 years old.  I became conscious of fabrics—the feel, the color, the drape—at a young age.  

In college, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics, concentrating on fashion design.  My mother and grandmother had also greatly influenced us to serve and to help those in need, so I continued with my education and received a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Working for a high profile Rehabilitation Center in New York City gave me the opportunity to combine my rehabilitation counseling training with my fashion design skills.  One of my contributions there was to continue their work in designing fashions for people in wheelchairs.  

My entire working career was developing vocational, recreational and social programs for people with special needs. How fortunate I was to have had so many opportunities to improve the quality of life for this wonderful population of beautiful people!

In anticipation of leaving my work, I began thinking of a second fun career!  Five years ago I developed Loosey Goosey Couture!  This is my fun work!!  I created my own patterns for a line of fashionable, easy to wear, comfortable and stylish knit tops and tunics for women of all ages and all body types. Being a fabric hound, I search far and wide for unique knit fabrics from all over the world. I carefully select small boutique type stores to carry Loosey Goosey Couture tops and tunics.  I also attend outdoor shows to sell my creations, and of course, I'm continuing with our popular home shows.  

My need to serve continues to be part of my fiber, so I created fundraising opportunities for non-profits using my creations.  I give back to the non-profits 40% of the sales of each fundraising event! I am also committed to be environmentally responsible with the leftover cuttings of my fabrics.  It all gets repurposed into cushions for local animal shelters.

All the positive feedback from happy customers has inspired me to continue designing and searching for unique fabrics. I continue to use my own design studio to create new patterns and sew the tops and tunics into the wee hours of the night!  It’s all about having fun and giving back.